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When does the Bow Box ship?

-The Bow Box only ships the first week of every month. This does vary a day or two depending on Holidays/weekends. This can also change due to unforeseen circumstances due to the current world events. Just know that we are working as fast as we can to get your box out to you as soon as humanly possible.

When is the cutoff day to subscribe/resubscribe?

The last day of each month by 5 pm PST.

How do I update my Preferences or make changes to my box?How do I change my address? Can I change my renewal date?

You can simply Log into your account to update your box, address or change your renewal date, if you prefer you can email us for help. Please make sure address changes are submitted at least two days before the first of each month to be sure they are shipped to your new address.

What age is "The Bow Box" for?

Any age! Boxes are made for Newborns and up, we offer clip bows as well for older children who do not wear headbands our headbands are made to size. You can also order sister boxes for matching or even a clip matching box for pig tails, its up to you!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime, you can log into your account to do so, or by emailing us and we can help. Please note if you cancel after your payment goes through a refund would not be processed your next box would ship but you would no longer be charged.

When does my payment go through each month?

Payments are automatically processed on the same card you used when you subscribed,on the same day you originally subscribed each month. For example if you subscribe on the 10th then your monthly charge would go through on the 10th of each month, keep in mind boxes always ship on the first of each month and payments are always for the following months box. So for example if you subscribe in June it would be for July's box shipping July first and so on. 

How do referrals work?

When you subscribe you have a unique referral code which you can share with your friends, if 5 friends subscribe using your code you will earn a FREE box, this coupon will automatically generate for your next renewal.

Can I subscribe before my baby is born?

Of course! Many expectant parents do! Build her collection up so you are ready for her big arrival! You can put your due date as her birthday for now, this can be changed later.

When do I get the bonus bows?

We send subscribers so many awesome and adorable bows each month, we also send a Minnie ear bow band in second subscription boxes, a unicorn crown in 4th subscription boxes, and a mermaid bow band in 6th subscription boxes. We also include a birthday bow during your child's birthday month. These bows are additional to your box as a bonus!  


Questions, Concerns?

Please send me an email from the “contact us” tab we respond within 24-48 hours generally. Please include the name you subscribed with as well as the email you used so we can be sure to have all your information.

Do you ship international?

We no longer offer international shipping with our subscriptions at this time do to increasing international postal rates.

Price increase After 10/4/2020 - Small price increase was made to cover increasing prices for supplies, materials as well as state tax, to continue to provide the quality products and services our subscribers are use to. We have not done a price increase since we were founded in 2014 as you know many things have changed since then shipping,labor,materials,taxes have all gone up as we have stayed the same, it was imperative that we increase the price by $1.98 to continue to provide this amazing service for our customers. We appreciate the ongoing support for our small business.

-You can check your tracking when you log in after the 1st of the month, although it is also emailed to you(changes due to holidays and current world events may cause delays)

-You can cancel or skip a month on your subscription at any time by logging in to your profile and clicking "Edit my subscription".

-If you cancel after you renew, the next months Bow Box will be your last one. You are not automatically refunded nor will you be charged again.

-Please ensure you have the correct address down on your profile. We are not responsible for boxes that went to the wrong address.

-If there is any issues with shipping, please reach out to the USPS and provide them your tracking number. They will know more information than we will.

-If your tracking states your box was delivered but you never received it, check your address on your account to ensure it is correct. Please reach out to neighbors and your local post office. They will know more than we will.

-If you have any problems with your Bow Box, please reach out to us within 14 days so we can promptly fix/replace any issues. We wont know unless you tell us!

-If your tracking hasn't updated by the 10th, please let us know so we can look into this!

-You can log in to your account under the "Contact Us" tab on our website.

-We can always change your renewal date to a day that suits you. Just let us know!

-When emailing us, please allow up to 48 hours to respond(It rarely takes that long).

Still need to subscribe?

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